About Us

Schoolopedia is a vision to overcome a barrier between the parents and the school by means of creating a transparency between both. Schoolopedia is designed for ease of use and developed keeping in mind the requirements of the school management. It helps management in maintaining proper control on the functioning of the school, take better-informed decisions, and enhance the image of the institution.

Why choose us?

Experience and knowledge - We employ skilled people for all areas of work performed and our staff possess several years of experience in this industry. We take pride in being able to understand the needs quickly so we can get back to you with the exact solution you have in your mind.

What makes Us the Clear Choice?

With our Product, managing various administrative tasks in one place is now quite easy and time savior. Our product allows you to give your valued time to your institute that will increase next generation productivity for our society.

Our Value Proposition

To help the schools to manage information on staff, students, examinations, attendance, fees, payroll, inventory, transport, timetable, library etc. on a real time basis.

To provide ease of accessibility of data across the school network as well as beyond the school with required security features for data security and safety.

In our strive to continually improve and help our customers to be the best in the industry we provide

Regular feature updates

Convenience for buyers

  • Service support to OEM's in cities where there are customers but no dealer.
  • Create in some trust for the best service and parts availability throughout their need.